Love and Marriage

Love is a feeling of deep affection. It can either make your life or destroy any good feelings you might have. Love can be a great feeling in between two people or it can be one person that has an obsession over someone who might not love them. Marriage is the complicating aspect of two people coming together and trying to live the rest of their life. But marriage can also be a destructive situation to someone’s life. Marriage can turn people to either love each other more or make people have a whole other vision of the other person. Love and marriage are a complex feeling and situation where the people have to really want to be together for any of it to work. Often marriage can be overtaken by wealth. My very own opinion on marriage is that it is something that can be great, something that could make your life. But it can also put your life and situation into a wreck. Love is not a choice but marriage is.


Book Review

A book I thoroughly enjoyed was Dr. J’s biography. It was a mixture of his own stories, opinions and synopsis on what his life has been and past stories. In this book he states what happened to end his past marriages, what the NBA/ABA life is like and his own personal experiences. In the book, Dr. J talks immensely about the ability of jumping and he foreshadows jumping when telling about his early life. My own opinion on this book is rather positive. I feel at times like I am actually living the experiences inside of his head and I feel very welcome. It really gave the reader an inside look at what his life was and is. It was quite the page turner. Other recommendations is Phil Jackson’s book, Mike Tyson’s, and John Wooden’s.








Interviewing Questions

Story Idea: Expectations of college athletes. How they compare to the normal student. College Athlete vs. College Student


1. What are your expectations of a college athlete on and off the field?

2. Should college athletes be allowed to party like the normal college student?

3. Should college athletes be away from the normal college athletes?

4. Is it acceptable that college athletes don’t have good grades?

5. Should college athletes be able to receive aid from the Athletic Department of their college?


Paul Bunyan and The Almighty Tiger

In the prologue, Paul Bunyan (a person dressed up as a statue) chats with several people, telling stories and acting in his role. In the second act, they interview a girl and her family. The girl (Navey) has always wanted to be a dog or a mascot. In her early life she used to act as if she was a dog, even “dumping” in the yard. The interesting part about this story is that the girl gets strange powers when she acts like a tiger. She is able to do cartwheels in the tiger suit but when she is out of the suit, she is incapable of doing them. This shows that Navey gains a strange boost of confidence when she is in the suit and it makes her feel natural and special. Navey wouldn’t be able to live without this costume. My opinion is that Navey is like all other kids, they realize what they want and become obsessed with it. It is all mental for her. That is the only “powers” that she has.

Story Ideas

Story Ideas

1. Marshall Henderson: For this topic, I would take a deeper look into Ole Miss star player and his trouble off the court and how the program keeps his crazed mind in place. 

2. Jameis Winston Rape Accusations: I would write about the struggle that Jameis Winston went through, what he was accused of doing and how the case was resolved, plus what effects it had on the star QB. 

3. Weather in Atlanta: I would get information off of weather websites and tell why this frigid weather came into the south. 

4. The Expectations of College Athletes: The expectations of college students that happen to be the athletes of the future. Like Johnny Manziel, college athletes tend to act like college kids. The media seems to have problems with these college athletes having college kid-like fun. 

5. Effect of sleeping on usual Teen: I would dig deeper into the topic of how sleep would effect you during the day and how much one teen needs. 

6. North Korea: I would dig deeper into this dictatorship and what the average North Korean lifestyle is like. 

7. Paying College Athletes: Throughout the years there have been multiple problems about paying amateurs. I would give examples and why the people NCAA does not allow college players to be paid. 

8. Effect of Social Media on Kids: I would get facts on how long kids spend on social media and how it effects the kids in school and social life. 

9. Public Schools vs. Private Schools: A deeper look into why parents seem to pay more money for private school instead of going to a public school. 

10: Old School Rappers vs. New School: How the age of rappers has evolved into what it is today. A comparison between the differences of Old School vs. New School. 

The Creation behind the Emotion

The “Ted Talk” I watched was Jane McGonigal’s who was the video game creator. The video game “SuperBetter” was created in a time of need for Jane, when she was having suicidal thoughts and couldn’t see a reason to live after the doctors told her she had to rest her mind and cannot do anything. “I escaped the suicidal thoughts by creating this game.” Jane has also studied the increase in life time by gaming and the studies of what people say on their deathbeds. My perspective of Jane is that she really found a way that she describes herself to help her through struggle. She survived the pains and thoughts by doing something she loves and cherishes. It is a must watch and an inspiration.  I can already feel the seven and a half minutes added onto my life.








Multimedia Maestro

Multimedia Maestro Form


Use this form to determine the multimedia potential for any story.  Fill in the requested information to brainstorm ideas for your multimedia strategy.  Try to make this list as exhaustive as possible so that you have a thorough list of possibilities.  You may collaborate for this activity.

What are the three most important points of this story?

a.) The Blackhawks won the Stanley cup

b.) Snapped a 50 year span of no Stanley cup

c.) They defeated a very good Flyers team

Why should the reader care?

a.) The reader should care because the Stanley cup is by far the greatest accomplishment an NHL team can have

b.) The reader could care if they were a huge hockey fan and wanted to know the information on how the Blackhawks did it

c.) The reader would care because the history of the sport and how huge the championship really is

Choose the types of story forms that apply to your story, and give a short, one-sentence description of how.  Choose at least 4:

Text: There should be text because it should describe how the players felt, how they accomplished this, and a description of how the battles were fought.

Audio: There should be an audio clip of either the radio announcer calling the end of the final, series winning game or interviews with the coach after the game occurred.

Video: The video of the highlights from the game and the celebration that occurred after the game. The highlights would be important to telling the story because it will show how it occurred when they won the Stanley Cup.

Photo slideshow:

Photo gallery:

Simple chart:


Interactive timeline:

Interactive timeline: The timeline could consist of the team throughout the playoffs and what they overcame to win the championship against the Flyers.

Interactive diagram:

Data visualization:

Serious game:

Story Two:  Blackhawks win Stanley Cup for first time in 50 years

Note:  Assume you have access to NASA images and file footage, as well as access to Voyager project scientists for interviews.

For the first time since 1961, the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup, beating the Philadelphia Flyers in a dramatic overtime.  Turning the dream into reality wasn’t easy because the Flyers were 9-1 at home and the survivor of four elimination games.  “(For) any kid growing up in Canada, this is the dream,” Chicago captain Jonathan Toews said.

The Hawks have won four Stanley Cup Championships and fourteen division titles since their founding in 1926. But the Cup had eluded them for nearly 50 years, causing some to wonder whether the team was cursed.